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WHOGA: therapeutic yoga from your chair or wheelchair

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Looking for some gentle exercise to increase your muscle tone, flexibility and coordination while improving your overall health?

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Welcome to WHOGANow!

Integrative approaches to wellness

Yoga for All Abilities • Yoga Therapy • Aromatherapy • Speech Therapy

WHOGA is a gentle activity that brings all the benefits of yoga to individuals seated in a chair. Experience joy and well being as WHOGA brings body, mind and spirit together.


WHOGA provides opportunities for personal growth and better health through gentle activity. WHOGA is designed with underlying yogic principles and breathing techniques that move you to feeling your best. The specialized movements work to increase your strength, coordination, flexibility and mental awareness. A meditative practice, WHOGA enhances your ability to relax and ease physical discomfort.


WHOGA stands for Wellness, Happiness, Opportunity for Gentle Activity

Our mission is to help individuals of all abilities to enjoy and benefit from the practices of yoga and aromatherapy. The WHOGA practice was founded by Jeannette Hummel, a yoga therapist and speech pathologist who recognized a need to bring the benefits of yoga to individuals with limited mobility, seniors and sedentary workplaces. 

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